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A reliable partner for your outsourcing

Accounting processes report on operations that have taken place in the past – WE give them a view to the future.

We insist on providing our services uninterrupted in the best possible way to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Passion for technology
We believe that technology should be embraced as it helps to achieve things that were previously impossible.
Commitment to quality
We are committed to the continuous improvement of our quality control processes so as to ensure customer satisfaction. To do this, we use a personal accounting specialist concept.
We feel that our customers and our suppliers are our partners in equal standing. We believe that we grow with them, and thus we build long-term relationships with them so that together we achieve success and gain joint benefits.

Tax consultancy

We have offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and can leverage the capacity of our partner offices in Germany.


We adapt accounting processes to your specific needs; this way, we cut your accounting costs.


If you are looking for an experienced expert to whom you can entrust administrative tasks related to payroll management.

Business consulting

The complexity and dynamic nature of the business environment put businesses up against pressure from competitors.

Business set-up

We can set up a tailor-made company for you, or you can use our offer for ready-made companies. We will prove you headquarters…

Company closure

You can consider closing your company, provided it is not in debt.

Digitalization, archiving, document shredding

Our digitalization, archiving, and document shredding services include scanning, indexing, and storing digitalized accounting…


Auditing financial reports shows our commitment to work in compliance with the law…


Mediation is an informal, structured process for out-of-court settlement of disputes. A mediator is an independent.

The customer is the most important person in the company.”

– Ing. Zdeněk Wertheim

Free accounting software

Sign a contract with us for accounting services, and you will have the opportunity to use the full version of ABRA FlexiBee software for free.

We will provide the ABRA FlexiBee accounting software free-of-charge for up to 100 invoices in each of the program’s accounting modules. If you are satisfied with the software, you can get a Profi+ (Business) license at a discount price.

ABRA FlexiBee runs online on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to choose a payroll system

We will send you our free comparison of different payroll systems and their review compiled by one of our experts.

You will get an instant feature overview for each of the software applications and whether it is suitable for you.

Help us improve our services

Are you one of our satisfied customers? Then tell your friends.

Do you have issues with our work? Please tell us – we will find a solution!

Rate your satisfaction with the services we provide. Or let us know if something is missing. Tell us here.

Based on feedback from many of our clients, we assess options for expanding our services. Would you like to share something with us, or thank us for our work?

Our vision

Ing. Zdeněk Wertheim
  • How we differ from our competitors? – With our concept of Personal Accountant Specialist, we have brought a very different approach to providing accounting and tax advisory services to the market. 
  • How we can help you – How many times have you heard your accountant say something like: “The law doesn’t recognize matters of that nature, so we can’t do anything.” or “We’re working on VAT reports now, so you’ll have to wait.”
  • We predict your needs – WERTHEIM® understands it clients, knows their needs and keeps in touch with them throughout the whole year.
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